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Dr. Kelty has joined with Dr. Thaddeus Gala who runs Complete Care Chiropractic and Massage in Eagle Point Oregon.  Dr. Gala's Complete Care facility is a beautiful new clinic along Hwy 62. Dr. Kelty is thrilled to bring his 33 years of clinical experience to Dr. Gala's Wellness care facility where we offer five massage therapists and a health /nutrition and weight loss coach. Unique to the clinic is our computerized spinal decompression treatment for disc injuries and pinched nerves. We also have the only motion x-ray unit in Southern Oregon which enables us evaluate neck injuries like whiplash in a manner previously unavaillable in the Rogue Valley. This system provides digital imaging of spinal movement where we can observe, measure and identify serious neck injury, watching the movement abnormalities in real time, as you move. This technology allows us to document your injury to insurance companies and other physicians. Dr. Gala has developed a comprehensive
treatment program for Diabetes which has been fantastically successful at reversing diabetes, getting patients off of all or most of their medications and restoring their health and vitality!

Dr. Kelty practices both physical medicine and nutritional medicine. He uses the physical medicine methods of Chiropractic, physiotherapy, therapeutic and fitness exercise, postural improvement, manual medicine techniques and the most current rehabilitation protocols.  He uses nutrition, nutritional products and weight loss programs to regain and maintain health.


From auto accidents, on the job injuries, and all manor of strains, Dr. Kelty and staff direct their energies, knowledge and therapeutically gifted hands to the pursuit of your health. 

In our cellular and internet communication age, people spend hours a day in terrible spinal alignment operating these modern marvels.  Dr. Kelty has developed a specialized 3 step prevention and correction program for neck and shoulder pain.

Dr. Kelty's post graduate training in whiplash and associated neck and spine injuries, combined with his 33 years of experience make him the perfect choice for pain relief. For those suffering with neck and shoulder pain, shoulder blade pain, headaches, shoulder and arm pain or tingling, especially from long hours at computer work stations, we offer tremendous relief. Our program for rehabilitation includes postural improvement, work station ergonomic coaching, and corrective exercises to help. Sadly the computer/cellphone age has produced an epidemic of nagging shoulder tension, neck and upper back pain. These complaints are guaranteed to become even more dramatic and common among all ages, all due to sitting in poor alignment. For illustration, take a moment to observe your family or coworkers while operating their laptops, smart phones, nooks and other cellular devices. Observe their posture of spine slumped, shoulders rolled forward, neck jutting forward, chin elevated, or head looking down.  Unfortunately many of our body postures during daily activities are highly stressful, even sitting watching TV!

Whether your complaints are from traumatic forces on the job or in an auto accident, or from prolonged static or non-moving positions like sitting, our

3 step correction program will provide the tools to help you get better.

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Dr. Gala and Dr. Kelty are committed to making your experience at Complete Care Chiropractic unique in the Rogue Valley.  Our daily goal is to provide a Healing environment from the moment you walk in till you wave goodbye.  For us this includes the following elements that I think distinguish us:

     ~  To provide care and concern from our hearts

     ~  To be of service with health guidance, education and management of care

     ~  To use our Healing touch to reduce suffering and improve your life

     ~  To encourage and uplift your spirit